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Did you know that you may not be getting the best value you can from your skincare products? Did you know that you may not be getting the best value you can from your skincare products? This is because your skin is only able to absorb 1-2% of the active ingredients applied to it. To get more effective results, people often visit spas and clinics to have expensive -and sometimes painful -beauty procedures performed.


We have developed SkinGenesis™ Nanochanneling™ Skin Therapy Device, a breakthrough new hand-held beauty device that delivers powerful natural ingredients underneath your skin. SkinGenesis™ vibrates gently against your skin to create tiny channels, allowing the ingredients to reach the areas they are supposed to. SkinGenesis™ gives you the results you want without any pain from the comfort of your own home! The tiny nanotips only penetrate the top layer of your skin.  In this way we are Biohacking™ the skin


Nano-chip Technolgy

Nano tips
Silicone nano-chip
Gentle vibration
Feeds the skin

The unique design of the SkinGensis™ nano-cartridges provide and easy, mess-free, application of just the right amount of ingredients essential for the best results! Not only does this offer a painless solution to other treatments, it also means that it is safer, as there is no risk of bleeding or swelling.

After Microneedling

Swelling     |     Bleeding     |     Inflammation

After SkinGenesis™

Smooth, hydrated skin     |    No inflammation     |    No swelling

  • Key ingredients are delivered underneath the skin
  • Maximum absorption of beneficial peptides, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and collagen
  • SkinGenesis™ can be used anywhere, anytime you want.  Reduce your time at the spa
  • Works in combination with other professional treatments
  • Fast results
  • Turn back the clock on your skin

Safe to use every day