The Science Behind SkinGenesis™

The Stratum Corneum, the protective outer layer of the skin, acts as a barrier, stopping the absorption of active ingredients.  This outer layer prevents your most expensive serums from reaching the critical depth necessary to have the maximum effect on your skin.  In fact, only 1-2% of active ingredients are absorbed past the skin’s protective barrier.

Layers of the Epidermis

SkinGenesis™ Nano-Technology creates temporary channels so that the key ingredients can reach the desired areas beneath the skin.  The nanochip of SkinGenesis™ penetrates the skin’s top layer, allowing the serum to enter. This increases the absorption rate giving you the most effective results.

Penetration with Nanochanneling

Product Comparison

After use, skin looks dramatically smoother, softer and younger. The appearance of wrinkles is reduced, and the skin looks more even and toned.  Used over time, SkinGenesis™ builds upon each treatment, resulting in faster and longer results.